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Within the framework of Heldinnen in Serie - next generation, only ideas for series for a young target audience, family series for children from 6 years and young people, with at least one central female main character from the fields of MINT - mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology were sought. The exposés submitted are intended to convey positive role models and, above all, to encourage girls to work in these areas.

From all submissions, six exposés were awarded prize money of 20,000 euros each by a jury in spring 2022, which also qualified to participate in a mentoring program for the authors, which will take place between spring 2022 and early 2023 and from the Drehbuchforum Vienna is looked after.

The submission period ended on January 16, 2022.


At the start of the competition, Federal Minister Dr. Margarete Schramböck on October 19, 2021 for a press conference at the Technical Museum Vienna. In October 1991 Austria's only manned space mission AUSTROMIR-91 took off into space. Together with author Thomas Brezina, the Minister visited the special exhibition on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Austrian space history, which also offers insights into the modern space projects and innovative space technology that is currently being researched and worked on in Austria.

Both agree on the importance of promoting a pioneering spirit in order to drive innovation. The Federal Minister emphasized her heartfelt concern to get girls excited about technology; especially since this is not just a sociopolitical, but also an economic question. Only 50% of the population cannot solve the shortage of skilled workers. This is also reflected in the specifications for the tender for Heldinnen in Serie - next generation.

A week earlier an exciting panel on the focus of female role models took place as part of the day of the Academy of Austrian Film. Sylvia Vana, responsible for FISA and FILM in AUSTRIA, discussed with Konstanze Breitebner (author, actress, winner of Heldinnen in Serie), Thomas Brezina (author), Miriam Hie (actress) and Cornelia Travnicek (author, winner of Heldinnen in Serie) on behalf of Minister Schramböck about role models in film and television. Moderated by Julia Pühringer, the Metro Kinokulturhaus spoke about the importance of the role model function of female characters in films and series and how initiatives such as Heldinnen in Serie can help increase the visibility of female role models in traditionally male-dominated areas.


On May 10th, 2022, the award ceremony for the screenplay competition "HELDINNEN IN SERIE - next generation" took place at the Filmquartier Vienna.

In the presence of the local film industry, the best six exposés from almost 100 submissions were awarded and the successes were duly celebrated in the best weather.

Photos from this beautiful evening can be found here: flickr album

Press Release (German)

  • Agentin Anna by Marc Schlegel
  • Goblincave by Daniel Andrew Wunderer
  • Ida entdeckt wieder by Julia Rakotoniaina-Waldner & Elisabeth Schmied
  • Kimi Katz – The Academy of Tomorrow by Regine Anour
  • Mavi #esistkompliziert by Alice Karasek with Soleil Film (production company)
  • Mini by Daniela Purer

Here you can find more details about their stories! (German)

We would like to thank you for the numerous submissions, 96 exposés for series ideas were submitted!


The winners were selected in the jury meeting in spring 2022 with the following top-class jury:

Chair: FBM Margarete Schramböck

  • Christine Antlanger-Winter
  • Konstanze Breitebner
  • Thomas Brezina
  • Milan Dor
  • Stefanie Groiss-Horowitz
  • Gabriele Mathes
  • Corinna C Poetter
  • Claudia-Elisabeth Wulz

You can find their statements here! (German)

3 days with Philip LaZebnik

The Drehbuchforum Wien was able to win over the renowned screenwriter Philip LaZebnik (Mulan, Pocahontas, Asterix, Star Trek) for several events.

On November 17th, 2022, the program was opened with an incendiary speech on Family Entertainment - The Heart and Soul of the Film Industry at Stadtkino Wien, in which the screenwriter also spoke about some exciting insights into his professional experience at Disney. The following day there was a multi-hour master class called The Three Secrets of Walt Disney on story development. At the end there was even an interesting interactive exercise for the participants. The two days were marked by many interesting and personal stories and experiences of Philip.

For the winners of the screenplay competition Heldinnen in Serie, an all-day workshop with Philip followed on Saturday, which rounded off the day.

We are pleased that the winners of our screenplay competition Heldinnen in Serie - next generation took part in the three events and would like to thank the Schnellbuchforum Wien for the great cooperation! We are also very excited about our children and young people, who will give our authors feedback on their materials as experts in December!

You can find photos hier!


Children who find series and films exciting and want to give feedback on a new script were sought for a children and youth expert group in November. The whole thing was divided into 3 days of about 3 hours each. On the first day, November 12th, 2022, there was a short introduction to reading the script with the scriptwriter Jessica Lind, after which the children were given 6 stories to take home, which they could discuss before the feedback meeting with the author* inside on December 2nd and 3rd, 2022, what they like and what they would change. At the feedback appointments, the children sat down with the authors and had lively conversations about the materials.

We would like to thank all the children for their participation and the Drehbuchforum Vienna for their support!


The pitching of this year's projects from "Heldinnen in Serie - next generationn" took place as part of the Berlinale on February 20th 2023 in the EFM Restaurant. Moderated by Hanna Reifgerst and introduced by Roland Hablesreiter, our award winners pitched their stories.

From a mysterious force that usurps a computer game developed by Tilda and Yeliz themselves, to 16-year-old programmer Anna who becomes an agent for the Ministry of Internal Aff airs, to two 21st century kids who travel through time with the fi rst female
world traveler Ida Pfeiff er from the 19th century, to computer freak Mavi, her social media-addicted twin brother and her quirky grandma, who are outwitted by a robot, to the supposed “combinant” – the highly talented young scientist Kimi, to the 10-year-old alien Mini, who experiences exciting adventures on Earth during her “outer planet year”.

This was followed by a lively exchange on the projects presented.

The pitching took place as a cooperation between BMAW, FILM in AUSTRIA and DrehbuchFORUM Wien.

Click here for the pitching catalogue!

You can find photos here!

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