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Film Location Austria

Location Advantages

A very well-equipped country with a five-star infrastructure. You can reach a 13.000 feet mountain as easy as you can walk around the Opera Building.

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    Mountains and glaciers

    Castles and palaces

    Villages and Alpine huts

    Historical and contemporary architecture


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  2. 02

    Uncapped Incentive FISA+

    National and regional funding possibilities

    VAT refund

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  3. 03

    Experience with international productions


    Perfect education

    Many award-winning filmmakers with international experience

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    Five-star hotels up to extreme locations

    Central location and short distances

    Good accessibility

    Excellent road network

    Snow-secure (glacier regions)

    Low logistics costs

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    Low crime rate

    Social security

    Good health care

    Wide range of cultural and recreational activities

  2. 06

    Political and social stability

    Competitive conditions

    EU membership

  3. 07

    Cost of living in the Europe mid-table

    Vienna less expensive than other cities e.g. London and Paris

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Austria as a film location offers a complete technical infrastructure that corresponds to global standards. Professional equipment such as film and video cameras, lights, rails, dollies, cranes, motion control and sound equipment are also available for hire, as are all post-production services required. Trained and experienced staff are available for all divisions. Austria's creative minds have always kept pace with the rapid technical developments of recent years or, in some areas, have even been one step ahead of the rest of the world. Achievements such as the Moviecam, the camera cable car system CAMCAT® or the innovative Cine Reflect Lighting System are the best proof of Austria's technically highly developed infrastructure.

As one of the largest theater and cultural cities, Vienna offers enormous resources for equipment, costumes and props. Every style and every age is covered by the offer of large and small costume and props rental companies and the set designers, costume designers, interior and exterior props makers working in Austria. All internationally used brands and special products for special effects are also available in the area of ​​make-up.

The SynchronStage Vienna offers the latest recording technology and excellent acoustics for a variety of ensembles and styles.

The animated film scene in Austria is also becoming increasingly important in Austria.

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FILM in AUSTRIA offers support in searching for Austrian co-production partners or service producers as well as in putting together local crew and cast members.

Austrian filmmakers have gained international experience in major Hollywood productions such as DOWNHILL, JAMES BOND – SPECTRE or MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION as well as Bollywood projects like TIGER ZINDA HAI recently. They have repeatedly demonstrated their creativity, know-how and reliability. In Austria there are enough qualified filmmakers in order to fill major film productions with local crew members. Austrian filmmakers in different fields have won numerous international awards.

All these successes show the high educational standards in the Austrian film and television sector.

All these successes testify not least to the high training standard in the Austrian film, TV and media industry. In addition to the Film Academy Vienna, there are now other training paths, such as the University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna or the FH St. Pölten, which lead to the media industry.

If you are looking for local crew members for your film production, please contact us!

Here you can find the individual associations of Austrian filmmakers:

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